Bruce Springsteen Paradise歌词

bruce springsteen - paradise

where the river runs black
i take the schoolbooks from your pack
plastics, wire and your kiss
the breath of eternity on your lips

in the crowded marketplace
i drift from face to face
i hold my breath and close my eyes
i hold my breath and close my eyes
and i wait for paradise
and i wait for paradise

the virginia hills have gone to brown
another day another sun going down
i visit you in another dream
i visit you in another dream
i reach and feel your hair
your small fingers in the air
i brush your cheek with my fingertips
i taste the void upon your lips
and i wait for paradise
and i wait for paradise

i search for you on the other side
where the river runs clean and wide
up to my heart the waters rise
up to my heart the waters rise
i sink `neath the water cool and clear
drifting down, i disappear
i see you on the other side
i search for the peace in your eyes
but theyre as empty as paradise
theyre as empty as paradise

i break above the waves
i feel the sun upon my face


  • 专辑:The Rising
  • 歌手:Bruce Springsteen
  • 歌曲:Paradise

Bruce Springsteen Paradise歌词


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