CrashDïet Knock 'em down歌词

When they put you to the test
that's meant for you to fail
you've been stuck oh god for ages...
eventually you see the light
they made you struggle for and
oh oh oh, yeah yeah yeah

they break you down with...
there ain't no playing
just working all day
so belive me when I say this...

they line you up, they knock yo down
you're forced to feed 'em day n' nite
now is that how you want it...NO!!!
what ya gonna do about it...

well line 'em up and knock 'em down
coz you got balls and that's no crime
if you really don't like it
just show 'em you strike it back

the boss is screamin' shapen
up and do yer fuckin' job
you're sucha mess oh god you're wasted...
ntil you straight the flush

you'll be straight next the line
oh oh oh, no no no,
you can't take that...

  • 专辑:Rest In Sleaze
  • 歌手:CrashDïet
  • 歌曲:Knock 'em down


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