The river is coming from the mountaintop
She’s running through the city marching to the ocean
No rhythm no rhymes like a bathroom sinking
For the days for the nights forever…
But I hear the river crying when I’m passing by
‘Cus the pollutions make her wounded and the dust make her blind
No kids around here to swim no men around here to fish
No hopes inside her heart to keep
And I said….
River River please stop your crying
Don’t you know how much you mean to me?
When the stars shine upon you and the birds fly above you
The sky will always seem so blue
When the time keeps fading and the trees keep growing
The story will always end up pretty!!
Please keep a little wish inside you heart
‘Cus someday I’ll make you beautiful
She asks me how long have you stayed here I say for a while
When the sunset is hiding and calling up the night
I sit down by her side with the guitar on my back
She starts to sing the winter serenade

  • 专辑:小房间以外的事
  • 歌曲:River



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