Orange Ocean Overdose歌词

You every night dream beautiful dreams
How many love we made but I am awake
Until the daybreak

Slowly dive to the deepest inside
So memories sucks oxygen lacks
For the time all I’ve wasted

I am turning you over
Sleep besides your grave again
I wish I was a lover
No alarm and no surprises

You everyday live a wonderful life
How many times you drunk and upside down
Until the daybreak

Hide in the dark through the lake of dust
Every breath you take death you make
For the name all I’ve wasted

I am turning you over
Make a landslide again
I wish I was a loser
Fight for our survive


  • 专辑:Prehistoric Romance
  • 歌手:Orange Ocean
  • 歌曲:Overdose

Orange Ocean Overdose歌词


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06/16 17:02
每一天都是星期天 我们相遇一瞬间 美酒 咖啡 还有MTV 无聊的电视画面 每一天都有一瞬间 我们相遇星期天 阳光 沙滩 还有仙人掌 不见你的脸庞 Everybody's gonna fade away 天昏地暗我急速下坠 Every night and everyday 我只为你喝醉 Nananananana 今天又是寂寞星期天 我等待那一瞬间 少林 武当 还有BRUCE LEE 我的爱你在哪里 专辑:Prehistoric Romance 歌手:Orange Ocean 歌曲:瞬间

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08/22 22:32
Tear apart the best thing that I never ever had If you could be cold enough and strong enough Lips are still taste sweet When we wondering down a dark street I don't care anyway I can't go away Woo... Play an old song it's too plain to pay for the la

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[ti:WHITE] [ar:KAT-TUN] [al:WHITE] [00:00.01]KAT-TUN - WHITE [00:03.68] [00:17.78]どうしても どうしても 言えない気持ちが [00:24.09]セピアのトランクに今 溢れそうで [00:30.83]友達は「忘れな」と言うけれど [00:37.30]ひとりだけ卒業 できない思い出 [00:44.33]写真の中の はにかむ顔 太陽そのままだけど [00:51.41]焼き付けてた 空と海 瞬きしないで [00:57.64

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lost (f. ocean, j. ho, m. otano) double d big full breast on my baby triple weight couldn't weight the love i got for the girl & i just wanna know why you aint been going to work boss aint working you like this he can't take care of you like this now

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*Laughter* They look like twins That was embarrassing *turns on the TV* *PlayStation start-up screen* *Video game sound ambience* 专辑:Channel Orange 歌手:Frank Ocean 歌曲:Start

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Cliff Richard - Ocean deep 情深似海 Love, can't you see I'm alone 吾愛 ,你看不出來我很孤單? Can't you give this fool a chance 能不能給這個傻子一次機會? A little love is all I ask 我只要求一點點的愛 A little kindness in the night 夜裡一點點的關懷 Please don't leave me behind 請不要不理睬我 No, don't t