Josh Groban Home To Stay歌词

josh groban - home to stay

i know youre gone
i watched you leave
i always thought
that it was me
you made it clear
with that last kiss
you couldnt live a life
with maybes and whatifs
when every boat
has sailed away
and every path
is marked and paved
when every road
has had its say
then ill be bringing you back home to stay
i have the cards you sent to me
you wrote of trains and paris galleries
this spring youll draw
canals, and frescoed walls
look how far your dreamings gone
when every town looks just the same
when every choice gets hard to make
when every map is put away
then ill be bringing you back home to stay

and now i know why you had to go alone
isnt there a place between

reach out to me
call out my name
and i would bring you back again

  • 专辑:Josh Groban
  • 歌手:Josh Groban
  • 歌曲:Home To Stay

Josh Groban Home To Stay歌词


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