Syleena Johnson Now That I Got You歌词

(S. Johnson / D. Bastiany)

Come to me baby won't you come sit right here next to me
And tell me how your day has been while I rub your feet
Do you need a massage?
Maybe something to eat
All day you've been on the job
Now you belong to me, and baby

And now now that I ghot you baby
I'm gon' give all of me
'Cause you're the one for me
And now that you got me honey
You can be worry free
'Cause I got that thang you need

Talk to me darling
Tell how you want your bath to be
Maybe surrounded by some candlelight would be soothing
I just want you to feel like you are a king
'Cause when you do things for me
I feel just like a queen


And now that I got you I'm not ever gonna lose you
'Cause I need you baby, and I love you baby
And now that you got me I'm gon' make sure that you never have to worry baby
'Cause I'm all the woman that you'll need

Chorus (x3) til Fade

  • 专辑:Chapter 2: The Voice
  • 歌手:Syleena Johnson
  • 歌曲:Now That I Got You


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