Alpha Rev I Will Come歌词

Ever since we
Walked the face of earth
There've been watching for the time
No one needs to be mistaken
There's a place for you tonight.

I will give you what you wishing
I will give you everything
And you will be so numb
I will be tying you up
You will never feel a thing.

And I will come
And I will come
And I will come
And I will come
For you

I will hold you
I will defend you
No more bullets
No more leds
There is hope here in the weather
I'm yours now, you are free.

And I will come
And I will come
And I will come
And I will come
For you

  • 专辑:Bloom
  • 歌手:Alpha Rev
  • 歌曲:I Will Come

Alpha Rev I Will Come歌词


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