Alicia Keys Better You, Better Me歌词

I look into the mirror
And see a different girl
Hiding from herself with
Not a care in the world
Her smile pretends to fool
Those she chooses to please
If they could only see the tears she cries for help
See, I have been that girl
Didn’t know which way to turn
Then one day I turned to me…

I told myself to wake up
It’s gonna be a brighter day
I just have to believe that
My dreams won’t have to wait
At times I’ve lost my mind
Had to look deep inside
And find a way to get over
Had to swallow my pride
I searched the world for and answer
But i’ve been searching too far
Because I’ve been here all along


I’m here to make a statement
My place I’m here to claim it
Don’t tell me what my name is
I’m gonna make it
I’ve come to far to lose it
Gotta stay focused
And find a better me

Feels like forever
Trying to work it out
Sometimes you’re gonna fail
And you know
Sometime it will rain
But the sun will come
When u think it’s all said and done
You know u see the light
And everything is alright
You can do
Whatever you put your mind to
Cause you’re all that you need
Like I do just believe


You’re here to make a statement
You’re place you’re here to claim it
You know just what your name is
No GO!
You’re gonna make it
You’ve come to far to lose it
Gotta stay focused
And find a better me

  • 专辑:Better You, Better Me
  • 歌手:Alicia Keys
  • 歌曲:Better You, Better Me


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