Marc Anthony When I Dream at Night歌词

《When I Dream at Night》

I have been in love
And been alone
I have traveled over many miles
To find a home
There's that little place
Inside of me
That i never thought could
Take control of everything
But now i just spend all my time
With anyone
Who makes me feel
The way she does
cause i only feel alive
When i dream at night
Even though she's not real
It's all right
¡ cause i only feel alive
When i dream at night
Every move that she makes
Holds my eyes
And i fall for her every time
I've so many things i want to say
I'll be ready when
The perfect moment
Comes my way
I had never known
What's right for me
til the night
She opened up my heart
And set it free
But now i just spend all my time
With anyone
Who makes me feel
The way she does
Now i just spend all my time
With anyone
Who makes me feel
The way she does

When I Dream At Night——来自拉丁天王Marc Anthony:
“他的声音有强烈的辨识度,带有无法想象的征服力… ”。著名的纽约客(The New Yorker)杂志形容他:“他就像一团走动的烈焰。”而纽约时报(The New York Times)以“流行乐界20世纪以来无人能出其右”来形容马克安东尼在音乐上的表现马克安东尼,这位在纽约长大的波多黎各裔歌手曾连续99及2000年获得两届葛莱美奖”最佳流行男歌手”提名,先后得到拉丁葛莱美奖”最佳男歌手”及”年度歌曲”大奖,成为继瑞奇马汀及珍妮佛洛佩兹之后成功扬名全球的拉丁裔歌手。曾发行过三张拉丁专辑,得到最畅销的骚沙歌手封号的马克安东尼,98年与澳洲女歌手Tina Arena搭档,合唱“蒙面侠苏洛”电影主题曲“I Want To Spent My Lifetime Loving You”,登上国际榜榜首。接着又跨刀珍妮佛洛佩兹“On The Six”专辑,两人深情对唱了“No Me Ames”一曲。99年发行首张同名英文专辑,马克安东尼如鱼得水征服美国及拉丁地区以外的市场,专辑累积销售超过五百万张,产生“I Need To Know ”及“You Sang To Me”等抒情冠军单

  • 专辑:Marc Anthony
  • 歌手:Marc Anthony
  • 歌曲:When I Dream at Night

Marc Anthony When I Dream at Night歌词


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