Allred Summer Is Over歌词

I wish sometimes that I could stare back at the sun
Cause I'm afraid when I'm alone down here
When all these days, just seem to blend back into one
And Growing old is the only thing we fear

And time won't wait for you, so please make up your mind.
If summer is over.

I won't forget the way the colors in your eyes
Remind me of how these nights could last forever
It took too long just for us to realize
That time was all we had for worse or better

And time won't wait for you. So please make up your mind.

If summer is over
Than I won't wait for you to kiss me one more time.
Cause it's almost over.

When the night's are getting longer, and the feelings getting stronger when I'm looking at a silouette of you.
And there's so much I could say, but all this time I've kept quiet. I've been saving all my words for you.

And time won't wait for you. so please make up your mind.
Cause summer is over.
Than I won't wait for you to kiss me one more time
Cause it's almost over.

  • 专辑:Some Place New
  • 歌手:Allred
  • 歌曲:Summer Is Over

Allred Summer Is Over歌词


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