Timmy Curran Horses on the Range歌词

I've been sitting around for way to long
and the world is looking like its getting smaller by the minute
I was bound up in chains and I just have to say

Let me run like the horses on the range
Let me run from all these years of wasted space
and I promise you I' never ever change

These chains that are holding me,
make it so hard for me to breath, the air,
most of us do not even see
I' speak for all, confined by these walls,
which have held us too a humiliating crawl,
there ain't know doubt once I get out
I'm gonna

Run like the horses on the range
let me run from all these years of wasted space
and I promise you I'll never ever change

I wanna run like the horses on the range,
let me run from all these years of wasted space
and I promise you I'll never ever change

  • 专辑:Word of Mouth
  • 歌手:Timmy Curran
  • 歌曲:Horses on the Range

Timmy Curran Horses on the Range歌词


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