Rhapsody Wings of Destiny歌词

Day has gone but I'm still here with you
日子已经过去 但我仍然在这里陪伴你
my sweet rose my green hills
我甜蜜的玫瑰 我绿色的山丘
beloved sea, lakes and sky
beloved mother earth

Silent land erase my thoughts
I wanna lose myself in you, all in you
caress me and my soul
while I close my eyes

On wings of destiny
through virgin skies
to far horisons I will fly

Dear peaceful land, dear mother earth
caress my soul while I close my eyes

On wings of destiny
through virgin skies
to far horisons I will fly

  • 专辑:Symphony of Enchanted Lands
  • 歌手:Rhapsody
  • 歌曲:Wings of Destiny


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想回去 我的心却还徘徊在漫漫长夜 回不去 因为对朦胧清晨立的誓将成谎言 我们当时的影子 也会栩栩如生的动起来You know That I'm still waiting for you Another day Another night 虽然未来就伫立在那里 Now Living without your love 每每想起你颤抖的肩膀 我就总是告诉自己 唯有现实 令人伤心 My destiny 想忘记 你的眼 你的泪 与你的叹息 忘不了 只好拿下戒指 隐藏心思度过的每一天 但只有我的心在呐喊

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