Black Sabbath War Pigs歌词


黑色安息日 — 战争猪

Generals gathered in their masses 士兵们聚集在将军周围
Just like witches at black masses 正像那黑雾缠绕在女巫周围
Evil minds that plot destruction 邪念不断导致着毁灭
Sorcerers of death's construction 巫师们不断制造着死亡
In the fields the bodies burning 横尸遍野的大地在燃烧着
As the war machine keeps turning 战争机器就是如此运转的
Death and hatred to mankind 人类的仇恨和死亡
Poisoning their brainwashed minds, oh lord yeah! 正在荼毒和扭曲他们的思想,哦老天啊!

Politicians hide themselves away 政治家们把自己藏起来
They only started the war 他们只管发动战争
Why should they go out to fight? 为何他们自己不上前线
They leave that role to the poor,yeah! 而将冲锋陷阵的角色派给穷人们

Time will tell on their power minds 时间会证明,那些利欲熏心的家伙们
Making war just for fun 拿战争当儿戏
Treating people just like pawns in chess 将人民只看作一颗颗棋子
Wait 'till their judgement day comes, yeah! 请等待审判日的来临吧!

Now in darkness, world stops turning 现在世界陷入黑暗,停止运转
Ashes were the bodies burning 你可听见遍地尸骨正在燃烧着
No more war pigs of the power 战争猪们失去了他们的权力
Hand of god has sturck the hour 上帝之手将时间停止
Day of judgement, god is calling 上帝宣布审判日到来
On their knees, the war pigs crawling 战争猪们一个个下跪,爬行着
Begging mercy for their sins 为他们所犯的滔天罪行乞求宽恕
Satan, laughing, spreads his wings 撒旦大笑着,舞动他的翅膀
Oh lord yeah! 哦我的主,一切都结束了!


  • 专辑:Paranoid
  • 歌手:Black Sabbath
  • 歌曲:War Pigs

Black Sabbath War Pigs歌词


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