Kenny G The Moment歌词


  • 专辑:The Moment
  • 歌手:Kenny G
  • 歌曲:The Moment

Kenny G The Moment歌词


Kenny G Careless Whisper 歌词

02/23 17:34
I feel so unsure As I take your hand, and lead you to the dance floor As the music dies Something in your eyes Calls to mind a silver screen And all its sad goodbyes (Chorus) I'm never gonna dance again Guilty feet have got no rhythm Though it's easy

Kenny G Fall Again歌词

05/28 11:37
Fall Again 重拾旧爱 Feels like a fire 像一团炽热的火 that burns in my heart 在我心底熊熊燃烧 Every single moment that we spend apart 在我们离别的每一时刻 I need you around 我需要你陪伴左右 For every day to start 从每一天的开始 I haven't left you alone 我不再让你孤单 Something about you, staring in yo

Kenny G Ave Maria歌词

02/04 23:42
[ti:Ave Maria] [ar:Beyonce] [al:I Am...Sasha Fierce] [00:02.00]Beyonce - Ave Maria [00:05.00] [00:13.00]She was lost in so many different ways [00:20.24]Out in the darkness with no guide [00:26.62]I know the cost of a losing hand [00:33.51]There but

Kenny G Jingle Bells歌词

05/02 23:40
[ti:Jingle Bells] [ar:James Pierpont] [al:Merry Christmas] [00:02.63]Jingle Bells 铃儿响叮当 [00:04.54]演唱:James Pierpont [00:05.58]Jingle bells, jingle bells, [00:08.77]jingle all the way! [00:11.55]O what fun it is to ride [00:14.39]In a one-horse open s

Kenny G Winter Wonderland歌词

05/26 23:10
[ti:Winter Wonderland] [ar:Lee So Ra] [al:All Star Christmas] [02:37.96][01:21.08][00:01.83]All Star ★ Christmas (2007.12) [02:40.28][01:23.67][00:05.03]Winter Wonderland - Lee So Ra [02:42.79][01:26.55][00:08.16] [00:16.69]Sleigh bells ring, are y

Kenny G Mirame Bailar歌词

06/22 18:25
"Mirame Bailar" (feat. Barbara Muñoz) Yo, Yo soy tu perdición Un vicio para ti La causa de tus celos Yo, Te voy a seducir Nublarte la razón Llevarte a donde quiero Cada noche tus ojos Se clavan en mí rogándome La penumbra y el humo te envuelven

Kenny G Jasmine Flower歌词

08/27 13:48
[ti:茉莉花] [ar:黑鸭子] [offset:500] [00:33.44]好一朵茉莉花 [00:37.63]好一朵茉莉花 [00:41.83]满园花草 [00:45.87]香也香不过它 [00:49.93]我有心采一朵戴 [00:55.18]又怕看花的人儿要将我骂 [01:03.04] [01:04.38]好一朵茉莉花 [01:08.47]好一朵茉莉花 [01:12.71]茉莉花开 [01:16.73]雪也白不过它 [01:20.85]我有心采一朵戴 [01:26.08]又怕旁人笑话 [

Kenny G Seaside Jam歌词

08/04 17:48
[ti:] [ar:] [al:] [00:00.59]Seaside [00:03.48 [00:04.78] [00:06.24]Do you want to go to the seaside? [00:09.27]I'm not trying to say that everybody wants to go [00:13.73]I fell in love at the seaside [00:16.81]I handled my charm with time and slight

Kenny G Don't Make Me Wait For Love歌词

10/10 05:31
[00:05.76]Don't make me wait for love [00:07.25]歌手:Michael Bolton [00:08.69]专辑:Don't make me wait for love [00:09.44]词曲:Preston Glass, Walter Afanasieff, [00:14.63] [00:26.69]Sitting here just staring at your picture [00:32.19]Waiting for your call [