Allure My Everything (Extended)歌词

[ti:My Everything]
[al:Kiss From The Past (Tiesto Presents)]
[00:01.24]My Everything - Allure
[00:45.97]Every morning I open my eyes I wanna see your face
[00:54.10]Wanna know you're there
[01:15.78]Everything I need I found in you and in this place
[01:21.70]I'll never leave I'll never let you go away
[02:00.86]Whenever you go I'll always be there
[02:08.47]You'll never be alone cause you are my grace
[02:15.97]And every breath you take I'll clean the air
[02:23.37]And every move you make I'll build the walls
[02:30.23]To protect you from the worst things
[02:34.08]From the cold wind in the ocean
[02:37.83]From you falling into bad emotion
[03:52.86]Whenever we go
[03:59.93]Whenever you go I'll always be there
[04:07.49]You'll never be alone
[04:42.91]I'll never let you go away

  • 专辑:Kiss From The Past: Extended Versions
  • 歌手:Allure
  • 歌曲:My Everything (Extended)

Allure My Everything (Extended)歌词


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