Heaven Shall Burn Black Tears歌词

When I'm in this state of mind,
I'm wishing I was blind,
Sometimes life is more than pain to me

I feel the power of my grief,
Death would be such a relief,
All the secrets that I hide would die with me

Depression is my only friend,
Will this torture never end?
Let me carry on to dreamer's sky

I keep crying in my dreams,
Can you hear my endless screams?
When I fade away, I fade away...

This fluid on my cheek,
It drains me, I get weak
My heart is cold and bleak
Black blood, black tears.
Black tears, black tears.

Life is like a masquerade,
In dept to myself, but I can't pay,
Soon I'll call it all a day, away

I never felt what you call guilt,
I still believe "Do what thou wilt",
My sorrow will destroy the world I've built

This fluid on my cheek,
It drains me, I get weak
My heart is cold and bleak
Black blood, black tears.
Black tears, black tears.

Black tears
Black tears

  • 专辑:Iconoclast (Part One: The Final Resistance)
  • 歌手:Heaven Shall Burn
  • 歌曲:Black Tears

Heaven Shall Burn Black Tears歌词


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