DJ Fresh Earthquake (Edit)歌词

My flow drop like an earthquake earthquake
Earthquake earthquake earthquake earthquake
I make that ass shake ass shake ass shake
Ass shake ass shake ass shake ass shake
It's time to give us they give us they give us they

Give us they give us they give us they give us they
Here to make your glass break glass break glass break
Glass break glass break glass break glass break
Break break break break
Drop like an earthquake

My flow harder that a bitch fucking good
These hoes hating why these hoes so cutthroat
Wanna hear wonder bitch?
I make that shit pop
He told me to go in
Stand shit pop that stretch
My flow shake up
Harder that a masterquake
These bitches wonder who I is
Let them shake and make
Shake that ass on the floor
And let me see them wobbling
Tear the room into shred
When you hear that we play go
This never happening
Do this shit like everyday
Drop like an earthquake
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DJ Fresh Diplo
Hey Diplo sing it baby

Air make the ground shake ground shake
Ground shake ground shake ground shake ground shake ground shake
And my shit hit the replay replay replay
Replay replay replay replay replay
No we never hesitate hesitate hesitate hesitate
Hesitate hesitate hesitate
Here to make an ass break ass break ass break
Ass break ass break ass break ass break
Drop like an earthquake

Drop like an earthquake

  • 专辑:Earthquake
  • 歌手:DJ Fresh
  • 歌曲:Earthquake (Edit)

DJ Fresh Earthquake (Edit)歌词


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