Low Turn歌词

I never thought you took me seriously
I never thought you'd be the one to turn me in

I thought you saw me on the roof
I didn't think you'd be the one to turn me in

  • 专辑:Long Division
  • 歌手:Low
  • 歌曲:Turn

Low Turn歌词


Colbie Caillat Turn Your Lights Down Low (Live)歌词

01/11 20:10
[ti:One Fine Wire] [ar:Colbie Caillat] [al:Coco] [03:26.30]Album:Coco [03:20.56]Colbie Caillat-One Fine Wire [00:00.23] [00:01.38]I try so many times [00:04.76]But it's not taking me [00:08.13]And it seems so long ago [00:12.45]That I used to believe

All Time Low Weightless歌词

11/17 05:59
All Time Low Weightless Manage me I'm a mess Turn a page, I'm a book Half unread I wanna be laughed at Laughed with, just because I wanna feel weightless And that should be enough Well I'm stuck in this fucking rut Waiting on a second hand pick me up

The Swell Season Low Rising歌词

05/10 06:44
The Swell Season - Low Rising Artist: The Swell Season Album: Strict Joy Genre: Folk I wanna sit you down and talk I wanna pull back the veils And find out what it is I've done wrong I wanna tear these curtains down I want you to meet me somewhere To

Low Lullaby歌词

03/10 12:42
cross over and turn feel the spot don't let it burn we all want we all yearn be soft don't be stern lullaby was not supposed to make you cry I sang the words I meant I sang 专辑:I Could Live in Hope 歌手:Low 歌曲:Lullaby

Lights Fade Low Touch歌词

05/06 07:49
No one will touch you No one will touch you I'd rip their heads off if they tried No one will take you No one will break you I'll keep you whole until I die I can feel you inside/ underneath my skin Feel you take me from within And so I surrender Bou

Travis Turn歌词

09/15 08:40
travis - turn i want to see what people saw i want to feel like i felt before i want to see the kingdom come i want to feel forever young i want to sing to sing my song i want to live in a world where i belong i want to live i will survive and i beli

Low Sunflower歌词

08/29 15:00
When they found your body Giant X's on your eyes With your half of the ransom You bought some sweet, sweet, sweet Sweet sunflowers And gave them To the night Underneath the Star of David A hundred years behind my eyes And with my half of the ransom I

The Blackout City Kids Wrong Turn歌词

08/29 11:30
Take a bruised hip, you'll take skinned knee 偏体凌伤的你跪倒在我面前 Take a million hist fore i ever can see 我却看不到你内心已千疮百孔 Screamin '" Is that all you got" 你尖叫嘶喊着"你得到了一切了" As i bleed 我却依旧嗜血 And i always come back, I never disappear 但是我总是记得回来,永远不

Greg Laswell High and Low Laswell歌词

07/29 14:29
Do What I can Greg Laswell 第三十八年夏至 上传 I'm going to see some friends from out of state The very trip that you were supposed to take a while ago But it fell through Like all of you Like all of you Thought i'd make the drive but a free plane ride is in