Michelle Malone Marked歌词

I'm so surprised
My head's still wrapping 'round
What you confessed
You could have knocked me down

Your words threw fists
On your way out, you blew a kiss
I'm so naive, I thought that
Love was all we'd ever need

I never thought this could happen to us
Broken and hanging on a crutch
This one's gonna leave a mark
Like a rusty knife in surgery

This ones gonna leave a mark
I been branded by your purgery
I'm marked by an angry love
I'm marked by an angry love
I'm marked

I stayed too long
But I kept hoping that it would get better
Like it was when we first got together
But your deceit put out the fire

Tried to hang on
Just about as long as I could stand it
The situation made me feel so desperate
Like I'd been been hit by a stray bullet

This one's gonna leave a mark
I been poisoned by toxic tattoo
This ones gonna leave a mark
I been dropped kicked by a combat boot

I'm marked by an angry love
This one's gonna leave a mark
Like a head on crash with a highway post

This ones gonna leave a mark
I'm wearing windshield glass
And blood stained clothes

Now I'm marked by your angry love
I'm marked like I been hit by a truck
Yeah, I'm marked, riches to rags again
Yeah, I'm marked where are all my friends
I'm scarred, I'm scared, I'm marked

  • 专辑:Debris
  • 歌手:Michelle Malone
  • 歌曲:Marked

Michelle Malone Marked歌词


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