The-Dream Love King歌词

[ti:Love King]
[al:Love King]

[00:-4.00]The-Dream - Love King
[00:-2.00]@ @
[03:37.21][02:40.25][01:20.11][00:00.25]L to the O
[03:38.77][02:41.70][01:21.70][00:01.94]V to the E
[03:40.34][02:43.28][01:23.17][00:03.35]K to the I
[03:41.77][02:44.58][01:24.71][00:04.81]N to the G
[03:43.13][02:46.06][01:26.08][00:06.26]I dunno how they treat you, how they do it where you at
[03:45.78][02:48.65][01:28.71][00:08.82]But all I'm tryin'a say is you should know me like that
[02:37.36][01:17.40][00:16.73][00:14.17]I'm just sayin'
[00:23.09]The man said get my money up, get my money up
[00:28.73]So I went and got my money up
[00:32.50]But now I got this money up
[00:34.12]I'm on that H-A-W-A-I-I
[00:37.66]Dream dropped another one, tell them niggas bye-bye
[00:40.00]I got girls in the club, girls in the church
[00:43.08]Pull 'em all day, I take 'em all work
[00:45.90]I got girls on the track, girls on my label
[00:48.78]Girls at the bank, 'cause I'm about my paper
[00:51.57]Got girls with weave, girls without
[00:54.49]She like, "This all mine"; hmm, I doubt it
[00:57.60]Girls in New York, girls in L.A.
[01:00.23]And girls in Miami, whatever you say
[01:02.98]Got girls in Chicago, girls in Toronto
[01:05.88]Girls in Paris or anywhere I wanna go
[02:28.74][01:08.61]Half to my main girl, quarter to my side chick
[02:31.61][01:11.63]I be on that fly shit, and you be on my shit
[02:34.54][01:14.42]And nigga keep playin', and change where you layin'
[04:04.43][04:03.02][04:01.52][04:00.05][03:53.14][03:51.66][03:50.25][03:48.72][03:07.30][03:05.81][03:04.38][03:02.88][02:55.81][02:54.30][02:52.83][02:51.40][01:47.34][01:45.88][01:44.35][01:35.90][01:34.50][01:33.12][01:31.59]You don't know me like that
[04:05.63][03:54.30][03:08.68][02:57.13][01:48.41][01:37.26]Girl, you should know me like that
[04:07.32][03:58.79][03:57.39][03:55.92][03:13.05][03:11.68][03:10.23][03:01.58][03:00.15][02:58.65][01:53.06][01:51.68][01:50.26][01:43.02][01:41.57][01:40.16][01:38.74]You should know me like that
[01:54.37]Got girls in heels, girls in Adidas
[01:57.42]Tracey, Kim, Tamika, Fatima
[02:00.28]Got girls on the Nuvo, girls in Patron
[02:03.05]Girls on that Belvedere, pay me for the song
[02:05.81]Got girls on my Sprint, my AT&T
[02:08.70]Got girls on T-Mobile, Metro if it's local
[02:11.56]Some fly private, some fly Delta
[02:14.44]Some of them ask for Diddy, some of them do whatever
[02:17.20]Got a girl that's shy, girl that's a freak
[02:20.21]Got a girl when I'm sick, she watch what I eat
[02:22.96]Got a girl up in Target, a girl outta college
[02:25.79]Sorry, ladies, but there ain't nothin' like a smart bitch
[03:14.57]If your man ain't treatin' you right, shawty, lemme get a "Ooh"
[03:19.80]If your man ain't playin' you right, shawty, lemme get a "Ooh"
[03:25.58]If your hairs ain't done and your nails ain't fixed
[03:28.59]Put your hands in the air if you know you the shit
[03:34.11][03:31.44]Lemme get a "Uh uh uh uh, oh"
[04:08.64]She like, "This all mine", hmm I doubt it

  • 专辑:Love King (Deluxe Edition)
  • 歌手:The-Dream
  • 歌曲:Love King

The-Dream Love King歌词


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