Chico DeBarge Tell Ur Man歌词

Verse: (Joe)
It's kinda freaky what we got going on
Start on the bed then end up on the floor
And when I'm done you won't be disappointed ‘cause
We're in positions like you was double jointed
It ain't your money, status, or financial credit
I'm not the kind to let it, go below the average
But if you let me hit it, bet your azz get fatter
And if you let me kiss it, that'll make it better

Chorus (2x)
Tell your man
If he don't treat you right
I'mma creep up at night
And we gonna turn off the lights
So tell him hold you tight

2nd Verse: (Chico)
Your electronic energy is the s**t
I love the way you kiss your own lips
By now you know exactly what you want in
Don't need a man who's faking like he's something
You're more than a dime, it should be a crime
If you stay with a minus, let him waste your time
(Like) he don't know the treasure, that he got is you
Wanna know the truth, here's what you should do

Chorus (2x)
Tell your man
If he don't treat you right
I'mma creep up at night
And we gonna turn off the lights
So tell him hold you tight

Bridge: (Chico & Joe)
Tell me what it is, that you want from me
Tell me everything you like so that we can do it twice
Only wanna do, what makes you feel good
From your head down to your toes I just wanna do it right
Right here, and right there, the floor and the chair, I'm pulling your hair
(Baby) I don't care who says it!
Repeat Chorus Until Fade Out

  • 专辑:Addiction
  • 歌手:Chico DeBarge
  • 歌曲:Tell Ur Man

Chico DeBarge Tell Ur Man歌词


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