C21 When Your Love Is Too Far歌词

When Your Love Is Too Far
C 21

Baby I'm tired of thinking I was wrong
I'm lost with no sign
A game with no end

I've been there searching gold but suddenly
You played with my mind
Got words from behind

A promise is right babe
I can believe in some
No win by default in your life
I'm lost when you're mindless

How can I fall down

Baby when your love is too far
There's no strength in my heart
No will leads to distance
Can you feel it now
Your love is too far
I swear but again
The silence between us
I can feel it now ?ooh yeah

Baby desire still relies on you
Take a look at me now
As it still lingers on

You let my feelings grow
But honestly
I'm through with your game
You can't always be right

A promise is sacred
I can believe in some
With you it's a million to one
I'm lost 'cuz you're mindless
But how can I fall down

Baby when your?

Maybe in another life babe? I just want it good and real
So you can beg, steal or lie babe? 'cuz you don't know when

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  • 歌曲:When Your Love Is Too Far

C21 When Your Love Is Too Far歌词


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