Chris Velan A Year Can Change a Lot歌词

Chris Velan: A Year Can Change A Lot

No flights out of Paris
The New Yeara??s almost here
The old onea??s on its last legsAnd I may disappear
a??Cause lately Ia??ve been thinking
Youa??re going the wrong way
Going the wrong way
Youa??re not where you expected
The dreams you collected
Might cost more than you can pay
And I almost fell on Saint Michel
a??Till I found what I forgot
A year can change a lot

There is no language to catch the beauty
Of the moon over Montparnasse
And I cana??t explain for the life of me
How this could come to pass
That a family was torn
And your first child born
All the people that wea??ve become
Ia??ve given up predicting
Ita??s leaving me conflicted
And wondering where it all comes from
Why a friend was lost
And another one found
Some lessons they cana??t be taught
But a year can change a lot

A year can change a lot
Youa??re worried about the end
But youa??re missing all the plot
One moment you are freezing
And the next red hot
And a year can change a lot

Oh well, it looks like Ia??ll leave on standby
This airport is like a heart
And it pumps me out with a million souls
To make a brand new start
And wars will rage
Then turn the page
And fortunes will rise and fall
The old ones will leave
And I do believe
That Ia??ll surrender to it all
Cause the best-laid plans
Unfold like fans
Then snap tight on the spot
And a year can change a lot
Another orbit around the big star
Guess Ia??ll give it another shot
a??Cause a year can change a lot

  • 专辑:Solidago
  • 歌手:Chris Velan
  • 歌曲:A Year Can Change a Lot

Chris Velan A Year Can Change a Lot歌词


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