Elysian Fields Someone歌词

Walking through land mines
Just to get beside you
Picking your scabs off
All day long
My dancing is wiser
Sing to me daddy
You never done it
Can't wait for years and years
Like it's never coming
Oh what' you waiting for
Dream me over
What you waiting for
Oh, why you waiting
Gallows black garden
Getting the stakes up
Can't hear the thrush's
Nature song
But she can take
Oh, she can take it
Oh, there's an opening
Where it's happening
Oh what you waiting for
Dream me over
What you waiting for
Oh, why you waiting
Oh, pull me under
Oh, dream me over
Oh, there's an opening
Oh, where it's happening
Oh, I'm your
I'm your
You'll never know
Oh you'll never know
My asylum
What you waiting for
Oh, why you waiting
I'm your
I'm your

  • 专辑:The Afterlife
  • 歌手:Elysian Fields
  • 歌曲:Someone

Elysian Fields Someone歌词


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