Future Islands Vireo's Eye歌词

A loose, and hazy time
When you were not my clementine
And I was not you're diamond's eye.

Bereft, as daisies lie
For our love was lost in style
You were strong, I was a child.

We, we're not kings here.
We're not kings here.
We're just strangers.
And Love, has died in song
Carried down by ancient tongues
Ferried round the water's thrum
And winds, along a line
Along a whirl, a lonely girl

To be, to see, to sweat, and bleed
To fall, on your sword--on your sword
On your word
Be still, by my side
For you are not my clementine
And I am not your diamond's eye.
To sleep!
By right of you, I can't endure
In light of things, I can't ignore
In spite of all the roses thorns, and hopeless words

We, we're not kings here
We're not kings here
We're just strangers
And angels.

  • 专辑:In Evening Air
  • 歌手:Future Islands
  • 歌曲:Vireo's Eye

Future Islands Vireo's Eye歌词


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