50 Cent My Life歌词

[Hook: Adam Levine]
My life, my life
我的宿命 我的宿命
Makes me wanna run away
There's no place to go
No place to go
All the confusion
It's an illusion like a movie
Got nowhere to go
Nowhere to run and hide
No matter how hard I try

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
Yeah, 03, I went from back filthy to filthy rich
没错 从03年 我就擦净秽暗的历史 开始向成功靠近【2003年 50cent发布了首张专辑'Get Rich or Die tryin'】
Man, the emotions change so I cannever trust a bitch
人心总是在不断的改变 这也是我为什么从不信任所有人
I tried to help niggasget on, they turned around and spit
我曾试着帮助哥们儿在游戏中站住脚 他们却转过头恶言中伤

Right in my face, so Game and Buck, both can suck a dick
Now when you hear 'em it may sound like it's some other shit
再去听听他们的歌吧 或许早已不是当时的感觉
Cause I'm not writing anymore, they not making hits
因为我已经不再帮他们操刀 他们再也无法推出金曲
I'm far from perfect, there's so many lessons I done learned
我离完美还差的太远 但是却一直没有停歇学习的脚步
If money is evil look at all the evil I done earned
如果金钱是恶魔 看看我到底赚了多少的'鬼魅'
I'm doing whatim supposed to, I'm a writer, I'm a fighter
我现在只是去完成我本该做的事 扮演好 作词人和 勇士的身份
Entrepeneur, fresh out the sewer, watch me manuever
一个刚刚从贫民窟走出来的企业家 看看我是怎么运筹帷幄
What's it to ya? The track I lace it, it's better than basic
但对于你们来说 我谱写的音乐又是什么 至少比大多数的歌手要强太多
This is my recovery, my comeback, kid
这就是专属50cent的'Recovery' 象征着我回归的专辑

[Verse 2: Eminem]
While you were sipping your own kool-aid getting your buzz heavy
当你还在喝着你的Kool-Aid 醉态迷离的时候
I was in the f-cking sheds sharpening my machete
Sipping some of of that revenge juice, getting my taste buds ready
To whoop down this spaghetti, or should I say this spaghett-even?
I think you f-cking meatballs keep on just forgetting
Thought he was finished, motherf-cker, it's only thebeginning
觉得我已经江郎才尽 傻 们给我听好 这只是刚刚开始
He's buggin' again, he's straight thuggin', f-ck who he's offending
我将再次重振江湖,最直接的凶残 肆虐所有前来挑衅的人
He'll rip your vocal chords out and have them bitches plugged in the
从喉咙扯出你的声带 然后把他们塞进
Motherf-cking wall with 3000 volts of electricity

Now take the other end,dump them, then plug them, motherf-ckers in each
然后把另一头声带也扯下来 然后塞进你每个人的
One of your eyesockets cause I thought you might finally f-cking see
的眼窝里 这样在3000瓦特的高压刺激下 或许你才能看清楚真相
That'll teach you to go voicing your cocksuckin' opinion to me
这将教会你们这些混蛋如何管好你们的嘴巴 以免妄加评断
I done put my blood, my sweat and my tears in this shit
我已经投入了太多的鲜血 汗水和泪水 渗透进这个音乐
f-ck letting up, you’re gonna end up regretting you ever betted against me
我永远不会的松懈自己 那些曾经打赌说我将会失败的人 最终将会后悔莫及
Feels like I'mma snap any minute, yeah, it's happening again
现在的我好像又干劲十足 是的 这种感觉的又的回来了
I'm thinking about the same
Mother f-ck everybody that's up in this bitch, but 50!
如何的肆虐这场游戏中的每个人 除了50cent!
Cause this is all I know, this is why so hard I go
因为这就是我现在清楚的 也是我为什么韵脚变得这么强烈
I swear to God I put my heart and soul into this more than anybody knows
我向上天发誓 我对音乐的投入 超过你们熟知的其他任何人
I'm trapped, so all I do is rap, but everytime I rap I'm more trapped
我又陷入了深深的迷障 我所做的只有音乐 但是每次音乐却又让我越陷越深
And I rap myself right into this bubble, oh oh, I guess it's bubble wrap
自己仿佛是所在泡沫中的困兽 或许我是被裹在泡沫包装里
This is like a vicious cycle, my life's in a crisis
我的生命就这样恶性循环着 在恐慌中度日
Christ, how was I supposed to know shit would turn up like it did?
上帝 请教授我如何预测身边随时将要发生的凶险与不测
Feels like I'm going psycho again
And I might just blow my lid
或许即将冲破瓶颈 将给这个游戏带来更多的刺激
Shit, I almost wish that I would have never made Recovery, kid
我有时候甚至希望我从来没有发不过'Recovery'这张专辑 孩子们【'Recovery'是Em回归之作,也代表着他从slim shady的疯狂到Eminem的成熟转变】
Cause I'm running in circles with
我感觉 我又陷入了新的一轮宿命的漩涡
[Verse 3: 50 Cent]
I haven't been this f-cking confused since I was a kid
自从我是个孩子到现在 从来没有这样的困惑过
Sold like 40 million records, people forgot what I did
4000万的唱片销量 也不能让歌迷回忆起从前的我
Maybe this is for me, maybe
Maybe I'm supposed to go crazy
Maybe I'll do it 3 AM in the morning like Shady
或许我应该像Shady一样 成为这场游戏的杀人狂魔
Psycho killer, Michael Myers, I'm on fire like a lighter
复活节夜晚丧失理智的Michael Myers,烈火燃烧的像个打火机
Tryna say the same classic, get your ass kicked
想说一些如同以前一样经典的唱词 让歌迷重新振奋
Man crook, wrap your head up in plastic
十恶不赦的恶魔 用塑料缠住你的头部
Pussy, now pick the casket, dirt nap with the maggots
娘炮门 快来自己选一款喜欢的棺材 幻想一下死亡的场景
It's tragic, it's sad it's
Never gonna end, now we number one again
屠杀永远不会停止 现在我们又重新夺回了宝座
With that frown on your face, and your heart full of hate
现在你眉头紧锁 心里又充满了对我不满的怒火
Accept it, respect it
接受这个现实 并学会尊重真相
This a gift God gave me like the air in the lungs
这是上帝赐予我的天赋 就像生命需要氧气
And every f-cking thing with it

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50 Cent My Life歌词

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