Oasis Soldier On歌词

hold the line
friend of mine
sing a song
soldier on

shine a light
for me tonight
don't be long
soldier on

la la la x 4

who's to say
that you were right
and i was wrong
soldier on

come the day
come the night
i'll be gone
soldier on

la la la x 4

soldier on x 12

  • 专辑:Dig Out Your Soul
  • 歌手:Oasis
  • 歌曲:Soldier On

Oasis Soldier On歌词


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Never say goodbye You're the apple of my eye The bells I hear them ring And in the churchyard children sing For so long For so long I've soldiered on For so long Another blessed morning comes Thy will on earth be done Blundered into the abyss To seek