Denison Witmer Castle And Cathedral歌词

There's a dream I have
It comes back when all the days turn into one
I'm in a coat and hat
And I'm standing on the coast of England
With a castle and cathedral on the sand
I reached down to touch the water with my hand
Then you turn and say to me
"You've been talking in your sleep
What did you see? What does it mean?"

I was a photograph
Of our daytrip from the window of a train
The one we cut in half
I kept mine and made a bookmark on a page
It fell out today as I was getting packed
Have I left you here more times than I've come back?
Like that snowfall out of reach
We kept our details underneath
Once made of stone, we went for broke
I didn't know

Are you a dreamer?

  • 专辑:Are You A Dreamer?
  • 歌手:Denison Witmer
  • 歌曲:Castle And Cathedral

Denison Witmer Castle And Cathedral歌词


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