Gazpacho Winter Is Never歌词

A yellow moon gives away the night
To morning sun that watches us,
You lay your hand in mine
It's good, so good
Feel the starving light of this day
Can't you?
We know it's good

Over the cities under the stars
Through the volcano surf a river of fire
Hunting with tigers in the grass in the fields
Surfing on rainbows climbing the trees
Winter is never…

Grown up
Haunting me, I've punched a hole in time
On the run, forever from
The whispered words of night
It's good, so good
Feel the starving light on your face
Can't you?
You know it's good

Comic book heroes, hula hoop girls
Pedal to metal, language of birds
Fire the rocket, your chemistry set
Holding on tight while winning a bet
Winter is never…

The eye of the wheel is fixed on you
Your war is fought out and chewed
Draw the curtains hear her sing
You know the song has wings
Winter is never…

  • 专辑:A Night at Loreley
  • 歌手:Gazpacho
  • 歌曲:Winter Is Never

Gazpacho Winter Is Never歌词


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