Bie Wait a minute 歌词

[ti:Wait a Minute]
[ar:Mila J]
[al:Split Personality]
[by:YoYo.Siu ◆]

[00:01.02]Title - Wait a Minute
[00:02.82]Artist - Mila J
[00:04.70]Album - Split Personality
[00:06.72]Edited By YoYo.Siu
[00:31.76]Who's Ring Is It
[00:32.55]That You Are Wearing On Your Finger
[00:35.49]Who's Ring Is It
[00:36.92]That She Is Rocking On Her Finger
[00:39.38]Who Is It
[00:40.66]That Everyone Knows To Be Your Wifey
[00:42.97]Even On Your Phone She Holds Up The Title Wifey
[00:47.34]Who Is She
[00:48.83]Certinley Not Me
[00:50.39]Oh, I, We Should Be
[00:52.73]Definitely Me
[00:54.26]But I'm Not The Jealous Type, I Won't Put Up A Fight
[00:58.71]I Sit Here And Pretend, That You And Me Are Friends
[01:02.40]I'm Not Even Gonna Trip (Not Gonna Trip, Not Gonna Trip)
[01:06.41]I'm Not Even Gonna Front (I'm Not Even Gonna Front)
[01:10.43]I'm Not Even Gonna Flip (Not Gonna Flip, Not Gonna Flip)
[01:14.17]This Is How We Handle This Here,Buisness
[01:17.83]Hold Up, Wait A Minute
[01:19.74]Take A Look At Me A Minute
[01:21.69]Stop, Right There A Minute
[01:23.63]Baby, Can You Stay A Minute
[01:25.69]Hold Up Wait A Minute
[01:27.51]Take A Look At Me A Minute
[01:29.43]Who Am I To You
[01:30.96]Does She Know That You Called Me
[01:33.01](Tell Me)
[01:33.66]Hold Up, Wait A Minute
[01:35.24]Take A Look At Me A Minute
[01:37.19]Stop, Right There A Minute
[01:39.15]Baby, Can You Stay A Minute
[01:41.13]Hold Up Wait A Minute
[01:43.09]Take A Look At Me A Minute
[01:44.98]Who Am I To You
[01:46.59]Does She Know That You Called Me
[01:48.94]I Gave It To You Every single time Time You Wanted This
[01:52.88]Sometimes I Gave It To You When I Never Needed This...

  • 专辑:Hug Bie
  • 歌手:Bie
  • 歌曲:Wait a minute

Bie Wait a minute 歌词


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