Shawn Colvin So Good to See You歌词

So Good to See You

Ordinarily I'd have the decency to hold my tongue
And then eventually wind up opening the vein
Rather pointedly you ask me if I plan to turn and run
That's a certainty when I'm this close to the drain

But it's so good to see you
Yes it's so good to see you
To see you

Intermittently I have to tell myself we had no past
And essentially wanting you is just insane
There are those who say it's customary for a man to ask
In actuality I have been known to jump the train

And it's so good to see you
Yes it's so good to see you
To see you

And anything I have is yours and yours alone
It's a foregone conclusion
It's a languid delusion

But it's so good to see you
Yes it's so good to see you
It's so good to see you
Yes it's so good to see you
To see you
To see you

  • 专辑:These Four Walls
  • 歌手:Shawn Colvin
  • 歌曲:So Good to See You

Shawn Colvin So Good to See You歌词


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