See-Saw Obsession歌词

deep in the night
far off the light
missing my headache

visions of light
sweeter delight
kissin' my loveache

how come I must know
where obsession needs to go?
how come I must know
where the passion hides its feelings?

how come I must know
where obsession needs to go?
how come I must know
the direction of relieving?

  • 专辑:Obsession / 優しい夜明け
  • 歌手:See-Saw
  • 歌曲:Obsession


Last Day Before Holiday My Summer Obsession歌词

04/24 05:00
Another girl in my head now Another taste in my mouth somehow And in this time I'm on the line Hoping it's right That night I saw across the room My eyes chasing after you This is the craziest thing I've ever done HEY GIRL I wanna see you dance SCREA

Soundtrack Obsession歌词

04/22 13:24
sky ferreira - obsession woah oh oh oh listen up i'm gonna tell you bit about myself I got a situation aint concerning nobody else just you and what you can do for me ooh I had the life of ordinary I spat it out now my conditions kind of scary I need

Lila Rose Obsession歌词

03/20 14:25
Found myself another one, one to adore And I found you Haven't you haven't you haven't you Noticed me, standing here waiting for For your next your next move I would do most anything anything anything To keep you keep this alive (chorus) I miss you I

Various Artists Obsession歌词

10/01 06:13
(obession) Its early in the morning And my heart is really lonely Just thinkin 'bout you baby Gots me twisted in the head And I don't know how to take it But its driving me so crazy I don't know if its right I'm tossin turning in my bed Its 5 oclock

Omarion Obsession歌词

12/09 01:26
Obsession (my heart, heart go boom, boom tap) [x8] [Verse 1] Excuse me if you find this so dumb, Looks like somebody else got my wife. So tell me where the f*ck you came from (where you came from), I never seen nothing like you in my life! [Hook] So

Donna Lewis Obsession歌词

07/14 12:20
[ti:Obsession] [ar:See Saw] [al:Hack Sign - Beginning and Ending Theme] [00:06.55]歌手:See-Saw [00:13.27]所属专辑:Hack Sign - Beginning and Ending Theme [00:20.47]作词:Kajiura Yuki [00:27.59]作曲:Kajiura Yuki [00:34.84]Edit by TING [00:41.91] [00:42.28]Deep in

Siouxsie and the Banshees Obsession歌词

06/05 06:18
Do you hear this breath? It's an obsessive breath Can you feel this beat? It's an obsessive heartbeat Waiting to be joined with its obsession I close my eyes But I can't sleep The thin membrane can't veil The branded picture of you The signs and sign

Danny Elfman Jack's Obsession歌词

03/10 08:55
CITIZENS OF HALLOWEEN Something's up with Jack Something's up with Jack Don't know if we're ever going to get him back He's all alone up there Locked away inside Never says a word Hope he hasn't died Something's up with Jack Something's up with Jack

Gesaffelstein Obsession歌词

06/30 18:40
Instrumental 专辑:Aleph 歌手:Gesaffelstein 歌曲:Obsession