Shine Dion Waves Of Green歌词

歌曲:Waves Of Green
歌手:shine dion

come be my true beloved
and share my journey's song
on the winding pathways
where we belong
be my true beloved
as heaven to the sea
sail beyond the sunset
to wonder is to be
come river of tomorrow
come well of yesterday
blending with another
each a different way
bring me wind and fire
and I'll bring the sea
come into the garden
all the shades of green

be my true beloved
on the farthest shore
a place we are less
a place we are more
come give me
all your landscapes
and I will give you mine
when the cloud are parting
by the light of time
bring me wind and fire
and I'll bring the sea
come into the garden
all the shades of green
bring me wind and fire
and I'll bring the sea
come into the garden
all the shades of green

  • 专辑:WYN
  • 歌手:Shine Dion
  • 歌曲:Waves Of Green

Shine Dion Waves Of Green歌词


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