Steve Moakler Best Thing歌词

Take your shoes off show you how to dance out in the grass with ants in
Your pants
Shake your blues off put your smile on you bring the beautiful I bring the
There aint nothin better than love anyone anywhere ever has touched and I
Don't know if that's what this is I don't want to be a sucker after just
One kiss but

There's something here that aint no doubt
Well you are the best thing that I've seen that I've seen baby
You are the best thing that I've seen baby well
Is that my heart beating on my sleeve on my sleeve maybe well
You are the best thing that I've seen that I've seen baby
Woo hoo oo hoo whoo oo woo hoo woo hoo yeah2x

By the best I mean second to none aint nobody no not no one
You're so cool like an ice cream cone cats in pajamas and the rolling stones


Girl you don't even need to look at the time cause every minute here from
Now on out is mine There aint nothing that a man can do when he meets a
Girl like you


  • 专辑:Watching Time Run
  • 歌手:Steve Moakler
  • 歌曲:Best Thing

Steve Moakler Best Thing歌词


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