Arab Strap (Afternoon) Soaps歌词

Sit by me silently and brush my beard.
No mess to mop up from the bed today.
Will we sit next door and watch the soaps?
We've nothing to do and we've nothing to say.
Oh, when you go...

Recently, we've been somewhat volatile, and last night it starts with that Joan Osbourne song.
I hate it anyway, but you made it worse.
I know why you laughed and you should know you were wrong.
Oh, when you go...

Bird number one taught me I shouldn't trust, that's why I find unfounded doubts abound.
But number two proved that with none, we've nothing.
And now I'm only happy when you're not around.
Oh, when you go...

  • 专辑:Philophobia
  • 歌手:Arab Strap
  • 歌曲:(Afternoon) Soaps

Arab Strap (Afternoon) Soaps歌词


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