Alex Cornish Breathe Slow歌词

The number was engaged
And the cloud were lying heavy low
No-one ever waits
All I need...
Is to wake in the half light
Is to wait with your arms tied to mine
So nothing ever comes between

So breathe slow

So come on, run away
The sky's on fire
The stars are on show
Cos no-one ever waits
All I need...
Is to wake in the half light
Is to wait with your arms tied to mine
So nothing ever comes between

So breathe slow

  • 专辑:No Shore
  • 歌手:Alex Cornish
  • 歌曲:Breathe Slow

Alex Cornish Breathe Slow歌词


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Alesha Dixon - Breathe Slow (lyrics by 映云@MaxRNB) MaxRNB - Your First R&B Source I'm running outta patience 'coz i can't believe what the hell i'm hearing.. & speaking of hell it don't compare to this heat that i am feeling.. I love you to much it

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