Hugh Dillon Lost At Sea歌词

Lost it all, I've been lost at Sea
Off the coast of eternity
Seems to me that I'veÿ been gone along time
Trouble is, trouble was
Crossed the line, and just because
Turned around in the wrong place at the wrong time
We hold it up and we hold our breath
No sad moods and no regrets
All we have are moments 'til the next time
Don't see him smiling from the balconies
And all the roses that are at my feet
Won't you please, Please remember me at the shoreline
Before the ship, ever sets sail
Before we launch that other ways
Before the tide, turn the tables in our lives
Lost it all I've been lost at Sea
Off the coast of eternity
Seems to me I've been gone a long time

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  • 歌手:Hugh Dillon
  • 歌曲:Lost At Sea

Hugh Dillon Lost At Sea歌词


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