Dokken Bitter Regret歌词

Darlin' -don't let me go
until the last train rides
I wanna stay with you
when the morning comes
and it's time to rise
but I can't lift my head - baby let me die
release the sorrow - deep within my eyes
life's only borrowed

Don't build your world with bitter regret
'cuz I still feel it's not over yet
what we've done we'll have to forget
or all you'll reap is bitter regret
Wonderin' -how this came to pass
why my future runs through the hourglass
talk to me - 'cuz I can't lift my head
anti-social suicide lyin' on my bed
release the sorrow - deep within my eyes
life's only borrowed

'cuz I still feel it's not over yet
what we've done you'll have to forget
or all we'll reap is bitter regret
[Talkin' to my friend misfortune
take me for a ride
how I wish that I could only
give you back your life again]
Darlin' - I wanna stay with you
'til the morning comes
and that last train rides

  • 专辑:Shadowlife
  • 歌手:Dokken
  • 歌曲:Bitter Regret

Dokken Bitter Regret歌词


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