Groove Coverage Can't Get Over You歌词

Strophe I:
There's an everlasting storm blowing through the night
I feel love, I feel hate right by my side...
Tears like rain falling down, don't know what to do
I remember those days, can't get over you
You decided to leave and told me nothing but lies
got no reason to live, I need you by my side
There are so many things, you didn't come up to
I'm surrounded by pain, can"t get over you
Strophe II:
So much time passing by, since you went away
I felt sun, touched the spring and saw autumns gray.
Tears like rain falling down, don't know what to do
I remember those days, can"t get over you
So I'm still searching for a certain place to hide
I feel love, I feel hate, there's no end in sight.
Most of all I can't wait, to come back to you
I"m surrounded by pain, can't get over you

  • 专辑:7 Years and 50 Days
  • 歌手:Groove Coverage
  • 歌曲:Can't Get Over You

Groove Coverage Can't Get Over You歌词


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