Chad Perrone I Won't Follow 歌词

I'm sitting here in darkness
A glass of whiskey at my feet
I've been beggin' for forgiveness
But I'd settle for some peace

Because I miss all of my old friends
They don't know me anymore
It's easy to get lost on the ocean
When you've traveled this far from shore

Smile real big
Even if I've had no part in it
And don't worry, darlin'
Just so you know
If you walk away, I promise not to follow

I'm scared of being lonely
But I've got a lot to learn about love
It works both ways, or so I've been told
I guess I'm the only one I'm thinking of

Because I've been blinded by ambition
I'm growing bored with this routine
Tell me what's so great about success, darlin'
If I ain't got no one to share it with me

Smile real big
Even if I've had no part in it
And don't worry, darlin'
Just so you know
If you walk away, I promise not to follow

So don't worry, darlin'
Just so you know
If this is you walking away
I promise not to follow

  • 专辑:Used to Dream
  • 歌手:Chad Perrone
  • 歌曲:I Won't Follow

Chad Perrone I Won't Follow  歌词


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