Taken by Trees Tell Me歌词

Tell me when the snow has gone its way
And tell me when it's time for me to play
'Cause I don't wanna be standing alone without a hand to hold
And that's for everyone, no one should stand without a hand to hold

Oh I only see with those eyes that once given to me
A long, long time ago
Ago, ago

You said spring is on its way
And you said the light would do us good
Spring is way to shake it for me
Why not take me all the way to July?
July, July, July, July, July, July
'Cause I don't have much trust in the April sun
Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun

Oh I only see with those eyes that once given to me
Oh I only see with those eyes that once given to me
A long time ago
Ago, ago, ago

  • 专辑:Open Field
  • 歌手:Taken by Trees
  • 歌曲:Tell Me

Taken by Trees Tell Me歌词


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