Weaver At The Loom Without fear of their return.歌词

A golden moment's come to pass
and it made a swift goodbye
waved its hand from left to right
saying bye, farewell, goodnight

But it left me brave and bold like the knights of ages past
leaving courage like the dawn leaves dew upon the grass

As morning glories bloom so do some things in life this way
Rising early but well past noon
they weaken die and fade

But there's many perspective buds still clinging to the vine
waiting in patience to show their glory at later times

Oh I got what I wanted and I'll be afraid no more
and face all these toxic things
cuz I have finally found my braver

  • 专辑:I Was Searching And I Found
  • 歌手:Weaver At The Loom
  • 歌曲:Without fear of their return.

Weaver At The Loom Without fear of their return.歌词


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