3Rd Coast My Soul歌词

I really wanna know
My heart body & soul
Get it on, let`s get it on
I really wanna know
my heart body and soul
Get it on

언제나 나를 잠깨우는 oh my soul
한번도 느껴본 적 없던
Love is always on my mind

부드럽게 내게 다가와
어디서부터 시작됐는지
알 수 없이 내 맘에 스며와

Too many lost souls
living in the world today
Too many blindfolds
trying to take my vision away
It ain`t about no winning or losing
Mass confusion, gotta stay together
Survive this world of illusion
Too many wrong moves
are played but life`s no game
Too many rules got me
shackled up blocking my way
Hypnotized trying to lock me up,
soul revolution
Open your mind with your 3rd Eye,
Build up it`s time to rise,
now it`s on
Let`s unite because
now is the time or never
Feeling is right,
this time let`s ride together
My soul, your soul,
we can make it last forever
We gonna make it,
we gonna make it

누군가 내게 말했었지
끝이 없는 길과 같다고
하지만 멈출 수 없는건
내 삶의 전부인 my soul

  • 专辑:First Collection
  • 歌手:3Rd Coast
  • 歌曲:My Soul

3Rd Coast  My Soul歌词


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