Oblivion Machine Surfacing歌词

At the dawn
Under ring of silver bells
Something's wrong
Behind the window something tells
And the colours seem so strange
Something's here
Landing lights, I can't explain

In our dreams
Came to us so silently
Burden seems
Was split up imperously
Taking my hand
Saying everything was done
Follow her plan
As I waited for the one...

Now the time has stopped
Heartbeat pulse with Universe
At last there is no senseless thoughts
Everything on Earth
Just heavy muddled dream
At last welcome to eternity
Prepare to embark
Clouds beckon charming us
The wind is bringing us to true haven

Let me see your eyes
Let me dive deep like a child
It's time to be reborn to start
So come'on goodbye
All is behind, everything's alright
Enjoy the flight and gaze into the stars
Now we're saved...

  • 专辑:Zero-Gravity
  • 歌手:Oblivion Machine
  • 歌曲:Surfacing

Oblivion Machine Surfacing歌词


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