McFly Heart Never Lies歌词

The Heart Never Lies

Some people laugh
And some people cry
And some people live
And some people die
And some people run
Right into the fire
And some people hide
Their every desire
But we are the lovers
If you don't believe me
Then just look into my eyes
Cause the heart never lies

And some people fight
And some people fall
Others pretend
They don't care at all
If you wanna fight
I'll stand right beside you
The day that you fall
I'll be right behind you
To pick up the pieces
If you don't believe me
Then just look into my eyes
Cause the heart never lies


Another year over
And we're still together
It's not always easy
But I'm here forever

Yeah, we are the lovers
I know you believe me
When you look into my eyes
Cause the heart never lies
Cause the heart never lies yeah
Cause the heart never lies
I don't care if you believe me I'll be here forever

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  • 歌手:McFly
  • 歌曲:Heart Never Lies

McFly Heart Never Lies歌词


McFly The Heart Never Lies歌词

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