Sophie Zelmani Always You (Ten Years Later)歌词

If it wasn't the oceans,
wasn't the breezes,
wasn't the white sands,
I might not be needed,

If I could sleep through the coal mines,
If I could breathe through hatred,
If I could, work through the summer,
then I woulnd't feel so humble,

oh you, it's always you,
it's always you.

If red roses weren't so lovely,
Wine didn't taste so good,
Stars weren't so romantic,
Then I could do what I should

Oh you, it's always you
It's always you.
Oh you, it's always you
It's always you

If you love, I could command it,
Get your head, to understand it,
I'd go twice, around the world,
Even though, I may not find it.

Oh you, it's always you,
It's always you.
You, it's always you,
It's always you.

  • 专辑:A Decade of Dreams: 1995-2005
  • 歌手:Sophie Zelmani
  • 歌曲:Always You (Ten Years Later)

Sophie Zelmani Always You (Ten Years Later)歌词


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