Allan Taylor House By The River歌词

【歌曲:House By The River】
歌手:Allan Taylor
专辑:Colour To The Moon

You traded all your lovers
for a house by the river
And all those sweet deceptions
and one more broken vow
And the dark-eyed poets
who promised you forever
Tell me,where are they now
Where are they now

You were always running
just one more step ahead
And just like all the others
I was following somehow
Was it something I wasn't saying
something I should have said
Tell me,where am I now
Where am I now

Now sweet solitude surrounds you
like a blanket of white heather
You are one with the land
and the sky somehow
And the seasons sway in sympathy
as you dance in time together
Tell me,where are you now
Where are you now

I will write a song for you
and try to fill this space
And I'll take the time in passing
to wonder from afar
Maybe I'll try to find you
though you never left a trace
And maybe then I will know
who you are
Maybe then I will know
who you are


  • 专辑:Color To the Moon
  • 歌手:Allan Taylor
  • 歌曲:House By The River

Allan Taylor House By The River歌词


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