Soundtrack Oye歌词

Oye, que vuelta come pinga?
Uh, uh, uh
Hey true, bang it up for the track
We gon' take it to the top and that's the truth
Truth hurts
Ha, ha

If you broke but you still pimpin', drinkin', smokin', then say
Oye, oye!
If you ballin' buyin' bottles, then say
Oye mami!
If you pimp in your steps and your ass is fat, then say
(Oye papi!)
If you willin' to fight then we fuckin' tonight, then say
Oye, oye!
Oye, oye, oye!

[Verse 1]
Ahora que si, all the mamis pull your thongs up and party with me
On the count of three, everybody claim where your from
One, two, three!
The Bottom, that's where I'm from, that's where I reside
That's what I represent till I die
Tuck your chains in, put your drinks down
And your sex up and get wild for the night
Pit Bull rock stikes move like a Lex truck
Mami you got the next stunt (Alright)
Piccalo in the V.I.P. whip, four fingers in the air
Hollerin' for life
I'm the chico that'll put it down for his people
Get my hands on any and everything
But I always keep my hands clean
'cause Miami's full of dirty money and dirty things


[Verse 2]
Mami look good from far, but when she got close
She was far from good, and I was like "oooofff"
I got the vodka, Cubo's got the cranberry juice
Now it's time to get looooooose!
Esto aqui es para los marineros que tienen mas cadena que cuello
Con dinero y una panza que parece que se comieron el lechon entero
I see mami who messes with nothin' but big tymers
Who loves to get her "Roll On" (Roll on)
Askin' me if I could get my hands on some vitamin E
And I was like mami hold on
But she must've loved Pac 'cause she was grabbin' me, tellin' me
"Papi picture me rollin"
So I pictured it, and it would've been a sight for the blind to see
So I gave it to her for free


[Verse 3]
Verse three, I said it once and I'll say it again
I want all y'all to eat but first me
Get it? Got it? Good
It's good that you got it 'cause I got no time to be misunderstood
I don't know if it's the liquor that's got me lit
But damn, mami's thicker than thick
If you like coke roll a dollar, snort it up
If you like weed then you know the routine
Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke that shit
Puff puff then pass that shit
Mami, mami! Shake ya ass, but watch yourself
'cause - messin' with me, you might end up in a movie
Literally watchin' yourself, ha
Starrin' yo boo, in the hit movie called Amtrack

  • 专辑:2 Fast 2 Furious
  • 歌手:Soundtrack
  • 歌曲:Oye

Soundtrack Oye歌词


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