Stratovarius Venus in the Morning歌词

Its 4 in the morning
Im gazing the sky with
Millions of stars
A moment before the Dawn
The endless Universe fills me all
Where are you now?
Alone just like me and Venus in the Morning?

I touch your face thats filled with pain
I kiss away the tears from your eyes
Ive waited YOU for 8000 days
Now Ive come here to set you free

But where are you now...

Forget the future dont live the past
Live for today because life goes too fast
Go find the Key to your Divine Mind
Open the Door so many answers youll find

Like Venus in the Morning
Like Venus in the Morning
Like Venus in the Morning
Like Venus in the Morning

  • 专辑:Destiny
  • 歌手:Stratovarius
  • 歌曲:Venus in the Morning

Stratovarius Venus in the Morning歌词


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