Charlie Landsborough My Heart Would Know歌词

If I ever lose my memory
So I don't even know my name
I'd still recognise the love inside your eyes
The love that shows
And my heart would know

If my eyes should ever fail me
If blindness ever struck me down
With a single fingers touch
From the hands I love so much
The love would flow
And my heart would know

My heart would know
In all it's faith
My heart moves on a different plane
Fear is a mountain
Love has scaled
Time and time again

If your lips should ever lie Dear
If you should set out to deceive

There's no way you could hide
What is going on inside
The lies would show
And my heart would know

My heart would know
In all it's faith
My heart moves on a different plane
Fear is a mountain
Love has scaled
Time and time again

If you ever lose your memory
So you don't even know your name
You'll still recognise the love inside my eyes
The love would show
And your heart would know

And my heart would know

  • 专辑:My Heart Would Know
  • 歌手:Charlie Landsborough
  • 歌曲:My Heart Would Know

Charlie Landsborough My Heart Would Know歌词


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